Arizona Graphic and Web Design Arizona Graphic and Web Design
Rebel Smoke Shop - Mesa Arizona
Rebel Smoke Shop - Mesa, Arizona
This small business package includes logo design, website design, website SEO work and marketing, and will also include print advertising work. The one-page website includes images at the bottom that will enlarge upon mouseovers for a virtual tour of the store. Note: I recently did a website and logo redesign for this client which included adding additional product pages rather than having a one-page website.
Sun Valley Patio Door Service
Sun Valley Patio Door Service
I originally designed a 1-page website for this client back in 2004 (see below on this page). While the information was concise and informative, the page was dark and dreary by today's standards, and a redesign was in order. I redesigned the logo, and removed the Flash animation and replaced it with an animated .gif to be compatible with cell phones. The page content and meta content were also updated to be more in sync with the search engines today, and the client is getting much better results in the search engines now, than he was a few months ago.
Hair Flow Salon
Hair Flow Salon
A newly-opened, upscale hair salon, this website is a work in progress while I wait for the client to provide content to other pages. Once I receive content, I will then convert this website from HTML 5 to Joomla (a content management system that will allow the client to update specials and add "before" and "after" photos to the gallery). The overall design will remain the same, but links will be added for the other content pages. I designed the logo, and directed the photo shoot for the center image. The colors used were selected to suggest blond/brunette/redhead. I am also doing the business cards, signage and flyers/ads for this client.
BelSam Patio Door Service
BelSam Patio Door Service
Another website created in Joomla 1.6, a Content Management System, so that the client will be able to update the information himself, without having to know how to code html. A simple, straightforward website, I designed the logo per the client's suggestion, took the photos, and created the custom template for Joomla, instead of using a "canned" template. Although the client is in the Phoenix area, almost all of our communication was accomplished via email and telephone.
Peter James Kashur Gallery
Peter James Kashur Gallery
Created in Joomla 1.6, a Content Management System, so that the client will be able to add new images to his gallery pages and update other information himself. The website was designed to draw attention to the artwork, rather than the links, logo or any other page elements. The artist, who resides in Toronto, Ontario, created the background image as well as the link graphic. All communication was accomplished via email and telephone.
Quality Carpet Cleaning
Quality Carpet Cleaning
Another redesign of a client's website to make it more professional looking and provide more information in a more organized, user-friendly manner. Click here to see what this page looked like before the redesign. The Berber carpeting for the background is a nice, subtle touch. New on this website: important certification information; a testimonials page; a series of helpful hints pages for carpet care and stain removal; and a contact form instead of just email options.
The Screen Specialists, Arizona
The Screen Specialists
A redesign for a client, with the goal of making the site look more professional, provide more information to their customers, and increase sales by increasing their visibility on the search engines. Click here to see what this page looked like before the redesign.
Gadgetman Groove online store
Gadgetman Groove Online Store
Another ecommerce site created with Agora Cart, this time with Agora Cart Gold version 6. This was a new release of the robust Perl-based software (not hackable PHP-based like many ecommerce stores are), and is much better than the previous versions I have used in the past. Once again, the client is populating the store, via a combination of an Excel .csv file, and using the Store Manager to upload images. Complete step-by-step documentation about how to populate the store was included as a part of the project scope.

Some of the roadblocks included trying to emulate the look of a Joomla 1.5 site, finding the correct images to use in a very unorganized web hosting/file storage environment, and encountering some bugs in newly released software.
Argy's Collectibles, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Argy's Collectibles
The second most complex e-commerce site that I have developed, using the Agora Cart, and without hiring any outside programmers. (The most complex e-commerce site I created was while working at Rockart Signs and Markers from 2006 until 2010.)

Not only are there product categories, but there are subcategories as well, and the products themselves needed to be sorted alphabetically by name, rather than by SKU (stock keeping unit).

This company is based in Canada, with customers spanning the globe, so taxes had to be configured to only charge taxes to those in Canada, and charge them correctly as some taxes are for products only, and some taxes are collected on products and services (meaning shipping and handling charges).

Other challenges included incorporating real time inventory control, so that customers could not order something that was not currently in stock. We also added a live help feature, so that any online customer could contact the client instantly if they had any questions about products or services.
Health Restoration International, Marilyn Murray
Health Restoration International, Ltd.
Health Restoration International is a non-profit foundation dedicated to educating and providing resources for emotional, spiritual, intellectual and physical health. The founder, Marilyn Murray, spends approximately 6 months of every year in Moscow, training people to help others recover from abuse and addictions.

The challenge of designing and building this site was to coordinate the massive amount of information, and make it easy to naviage through, while adding functionality to sell Ms. Murray's books online as well as accepting donations to the non-profit organization online, securely.

A firm supporter of Agora Cart, due to it's robustness, flexibility and affordability, I again used that software for the e-commerce section of the website, both the book sales area and the donations area.
Sun Vally Patio Door Service, Phoenix, Arizona
Sun Valley Patio Door Service
A one-page workhorse of a site. The client tells me that he still gets most of his business from this one-page website, created in 2004.

This website was created for a company that specializes in the repair of sliding glass patio doors. This company didn't require a huge website, just a single page with a lot of information given via the Flash commercial, and meta content which does a fine job of driving people to this website.
The Carpet Frogs, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
The Carpet Frogs CD - Everything Is Beautiful
No longer a live site. After working on the design and production of the printed collateral for their CD, the next step was to create a website emulating the CD, to list song lyrics, provide enticing song clips and sell the CD, via an Agora Shopping Cart. This site augments the main Carpet Frogs website, and is linked to it. This was only my second time working on an Agora shopping cart, and much customization was needed, as the client is in Canada, and there are very different taxes charged in Canada vs. in the US.
Guess Who Fans - Whooligans
Guess Whooligans - Guess Who Fans Worldwide
A website that I run, and maintain, and test new web design skills on. Pages include a php-based bulletin board that I configured for 400+ board members to converse on, concert listings, a complete discography, and many pages of concert photos, many of which I took.
Mirror Doodle
Mirror Doodle
First of all, I was enamored of this unique product, and considered myself lucky to have been selected to create its debut website. While there are growing pains with any new company, my clients were very thorough and had truly thought things out. It was a joy to work with them. Alas, the website is no longer active and I don't know what happened to this wonderful product.

Once again, I used the Agora Shopping Cart because of its robustness, its configurablity, and its affordability.
BMF Productions, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
BMF Productions
A Flash intro was needed for this website. A short internet "commercial", if you will, to explain all of the services offered by this entertainment and production company. I offered several options to the viewers: the ability to start and stop the movie to read more throughly; the ability to click on any of the buttons at the left to see that segment of the movie again; and the ability to just skip the intro and enter the website.
Speedway Racing Tours
Speedway Racing Tours
The goal of this website redesign was to create a more dynamic, exciting website, while making it more sales oriented and friendly. A Flash "commercial" was created for the home page to elicit enthusiasm and excitement about attending races, while explaining the services that Speedway Racing Tours provides. Problems encountered and fixed along the way on the old site were java scripting errors and scripts that didn't function correctly. Click here to see what this page looked like before the redesign.
O and P Enterprises
O & P Enterprises, Inc.
A very simple informational web page about this company, and their philosophies, established primarily so that interested parties can contact them easily. Included designing the logo.
Healing Chi Therapeutic Bodyworks
Healing Chi Therapeutic Bodyworks
The goals of this site redesign were: a) to create an ambiance more akin to the experience of having a massage; b) to break up the informative text via composition and the addition of photography; c) to promote sales and become more search-engine friendly; and d) to make the site easy to navigate. The project included re-creating the logo and all site photography. Click here to see what the home page looked like before the redesign.
Shabby Chic Boutique
Shabby Chic Boutique
This was an e-commerce website for a client who had only been selling via Ebay. I recommended Agora Cart for the shopping cart area, as it is a very robust program, and it was free to the client. Included was a search feature, discount coupons, "more information" on products, and a larger image when the thumbnail image was clicked on.
Cats and Dogs, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Cats & Dogs Band
This website is for a Toronto-based pop/rock band, Cats & Dogs. The page pictured is the photos page. An interesting challenge, using three separate Flash files to call images, and keep load times down for those on dial-up connections. When a page number is clicked, thumbnail images for that page are displayed. When a thumbnail is clicked, the large image appears. The site also included downloadable song files, a guest book, and a bulletin board. Alas, the band and the website are out of commission.
Matchup Singles
MatchUp Singles
Another example of an excellent idea that was never totally successful for whatever reason. Many years ago, a very astute man had the idea to ask people looking to find others to date to ask a range of pertinent questions about many areas of their lives, and match up people based on the mathematical weights given to their answers. He created both a hand-held device to be used when face-to-face with other people, and a website version of this questionaire to be used on an online dating site. Since then, other dating sites have implemented questionaires like this to facilitate matches.
Partner Dancing
Dance Instruction Video Website
The goal of this redesign was to create a more professional-looking, sales-oriented home page, while still tying in with the rest of the site. Flash was utilized, once again, to take advantage of the prime real estate of the home page, and give an overview of all products being sold. Click here to see what the home page looked like before the redesign. The headline was "Partner Dancing" and no where did it say that the thrust of the site was to sell learn-to-dance-videos.