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Client Testimonials


Rachel McKee, Senior Writer, Grid International:

"I have been a professional writer for 28 years and have worked with a long list of writers, editors, typesetters, and pre-press professionals. In recent years, I've also worked with electronic publishing, online programming, and web design professionals. In all these years I have never worked with anyone who even remotely compares to Susan's level of professionalism.

Her breadth of knowledge across platforms, range of skills, exceptional attention to detail, and ability to quickly learn the content she is handling continues to amaze me. She is also fun, friendly, kind, thoughtful, eager to please, and just an all-around delight to work with. I wish I had found her 20 years ago!

I highly recommend her services, but with a warning. She will spoil you and make it difficult to work with anyone else!"


Barbara Bayless Close and Hilary Beesch Mendoza, authors of Tradition & Change in Paradise: The Story of Palm Beach Day Academy:

"We had a lovely experience with Susan. She took our scanned photos and text, cleaned up the photos, tweaked the work and produced for us a quality book which we are very, VERY proud of. She was always available, and made great suggestions to improving our book. She worked tirelessly and made everything fit and look beautiful. We recommend her very highly! "


Peter Pepper Products

"Over the past 7 plus years, Suze has consistently demonstrated a level of service, technical expertise and can-do approach that keeps us returning with more projects to challenge her. Suze has proven she can handle the most complex detail of work from auditing our entire SQL database to developing our 200 page Price List and Specification Book, including adding line drawings as needed.

We appreciate the fact that she constantly communicates with our staff and solves problems rather than just reports them.

It is our intention to continue to work with Suze in the future. We would not hesitate to recommend her for any size project."

Sigi, Kip, Michael and Brent Pepper


Meredith Bagby, author and publisher of The States Project as well as owner of Principio Books (an ongoing client of mine):

"Without a doubt, Susan Woitovich is one of the finest designers and professionals I have had the pleasure of working with. Not only is she knowledgeable about all areas of design, but she is incredibly reliable, fair, and efficient. In particular, Susan helped our company at a crucial period of our growth, met tight deadlines, and produced massive quantities of design work under high pressure. She was always available for quick turnaround, problem-solving and generally to bounce ideas off of. She is an expert in InDesign, Illustrator, graphic design, print design and overall production. I can't say enough about how pleased we were with her work and our collaboration!"


Janine Finney, co-author of The Flip-Flop CEO:

"It is an absolute honor to recommend Susan’s services! We recently found ourselves in a situation where we needed someone to translate our book into a Kindle version, very quickly. We are so grateful that we found Susan to do this project for us!

Susan is one of the most conscientious people I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with! She came to our rescue and completed our project incredibly quickly, with complete accuracy. I just wish we’d found Susan sooner! Being able to “let go” and turn a project over to someone requires a lot of trust, and Susan is definitely worthy of that trust! She’s truly a professional, and treated our project as if it were her own! I highly recommend her and would be happy to speak to anyone, personally, about the excellent service she provided for us!"


Dave Berg, Sun Valley Patio Door Service:

"Just wanted to drop a line and let you know how well things are going with my new web page. The search engine optimization that was built into the design of my web page seems to be the answer to all my problems. I'm now getting almost as many calls from my new web page each day, as I was getting in a week, before you performed your magic. Business has picked up drastically and I can soon plan for a little vacation.

Thanks again for all your great work. I'll be referring you each and every opportunity I get."


Darryl W. Perry, book author:

"Susan is amazing! She converted a paperback book (Duopoly: How the Republicrats Control the Electoral Process) into an e-book for me, and was very thorough. She not only formatted the book so that it would be better formatted as an e-book, she offered advice on formatting the print version, and proof-read the book for me, as well. I am very happy with the work Susan did, and found her very easy to work with. Susan kept in contact throughout the entire conversion process, to ensure that the files were accepted by all of my distribution networks. Additionally, Susan sent me all of the files she created for my e-book (the final InDesign and .epub files, as well as the Kindle and files, and all image files)."


Sam Boyd, owner, BMF Productions, in Toronto, Ontario:

"Suzie is the best. We needed CD media (liner notes/tray liner/CD label) for the new CD "Everything Is Beautiful" by my artists, "The Carpet Frogs", as well as a wonderful tabletop promotional display. Being a band and management, it's like a committee; everyone has their own ideas. Suzie was able to take it all in and pull it together in a product we were all very happy and proud of. Our tabletop promotional displays got us the attention we needed at a top music conference where it's next to impossible to compete with the big established companies, and around 650 other artists, for recognition. Always fantastic, timely results, professional communication and a pleasure to deal with. I'm looking forward to our next project together."


Mary K., book author:

"I worked with Susan for a short time and found Susan to be extremely knowledgeable and professional. She is an expert in Adobe Indesign and Photoshop and I would highly recommend her for any future projects."


Ray G., owner, Argy's Collectables, in Winnipeg, Manitoba:

"Susan did a fabulous job on our website. First designed in 2003, it is still functional today, even using smart phones and notebooks, with no additional programming having been required.

The website includes a complex ecommerce portion, with many categories and subcategories, and with some products having multiple sizes and colors available. Due to some products being one-of-a-kind or having a limited availability, I also needed an option to show a "sold out" graphic when an item was on re-order, or when it had sold out but I was hoping to obtain another, similar product for sale. I also needed a "more information" option for products that had a large amount of product information to share. Susan used AgoraCart and customized it for everything I needed, including complex Canadian taxes, then taught me how to populate the database with products, myself. The ecommerce store is secure, and customers are able to navigate it easily.

Susan is always available to answer questions and help improve things as well. If you want someone knowledgeable and easy to work with, Susan is my suggestion."

Note from Susan: Unfortunately, I had used Flash for Argy's navigation, which is still not widely accepted on smart phones/tablets. Fortunately, I am always smart enough to include text links at the bottom of all pages, so this website is still fully functional ten years later!


Peter K., artist:

"I am very happy with the website Arizona Graphic & Web Design designed and assembled for me using Joomla software. As an artist, I am easily able to replace images as necessary. Susan's technical expertise and patience are greatly appreciated and her online support is prompt and easy to understand."


Jeff, Pre-Press Manager, Diversified Printers:

(Regarding a 200-page catalog I had created in InDesign.)

"I have to say that it is really nice to work files that are so nicely set-up. I have already worked and ripped the first 5 sections without incident. These files are very clean, and well done. Thank you for that."