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logo for Rebel Smoke Shop, Mesa Arizona
Logo for Rebel Smoke Shop, Mesa Arizona
Designed for a smoke shop/head shop/novelty store in Mesa, Arizona, this logo will be used for the website as well as for print advertising. The logo design that the client didn't select may be viewed here.
logo for Hair Flow Salon
Logo for Hair Flow Salon
Designed for a upscale hair salon in Gilbert, Arizona, the corporate name of Hair Flow, LLC, certainly caused some design challenges, as I didn't want "hair flow" to in any way cause people to think of that vacuum cleaner haircutting device, the Flowbee. By putting a graphic of flowing hair behind the name, adding the word "salon", using a modern sans serif font with rounded corners, and adding a curly line beneath the word "flow", the name now works as a logo.
logo for Sun Valley Patio Door Service
Logo for Sun Valley Patio Door Service
When I originally created a website for Sun Valley Patio Door Service back in 2004, there was no existing logo, and the website was a no-frills, "I need a web presence" website, which did the job, tremendously, for many years. But 11 years later, this website really needed a facelift, as did the logo. The new website is still just one page, but the client loves this new logo and wants to have this brighter, friendlier logo replicated on t-shirts, etc.
travel brochure
Full-Color Tri-Fold Brochure
Designed for a travel agent specializing in trips to Puerto Peñasco, Mexico, the goal was to cause people viewing the brochure to immediately want to visit the Sonoran town on the Sea of Cortez. I was supplied with photos to use, as well as text, and used Adobe InDesign to create a layout that was pleasing to look at, while allowing the text to appear to flow naturally, for both the English and the Spanish versions. Click to view the inside panels of this brochure.
point of purchase display
Point-of-Purchase Display Piece
Redesign project for a client, these mats are to be sold at Sam's/Wal-Mart stores nationwide. As the mats are either burgundy, blue or black, we utilized colors that will complement the mats, while causing the information to pop out at the potential customers. Click here to see the original POP piece. The actual size of the final piece is 18″ wide x 15.25″ tall.
Sofa assembly directions, English, Spanish and French
Sofa Assembly Directions in English, Spanish and French
This was a challenging project, as I had to take some very rough drawings from the client's engineering department and a single photo of the finished product, and turn them into very precise drawings and easy-to-follow written assembly instructions for the consumers. The detailed drawings were done in CorelDraw. After finishing the English copy, I found professional translators to provide the translations to French and Spanish. Click here to see page 2 of the 4-page brochure; page 3; and page 4. The actual finished/folded size of this piece is 8.5″ wide x 11″ high.

CD cover, booklet, CD label for Donnie McDougall of The Guess Who
CD Cover/Booklet/Label
Created for Donnie McDougall, a guitar player in the Canadian band, "The Guess Who", for his first solo album, "Best Wishes". Click to view pages 2 and 3 of the 12-page booklet, the CD tray liner (i.e. what you see on the back of the jewel case), and the CD label.
CD Cover for The Carpet Frogs' Everything Is Beautiful album
CD Cover/Booklet/Label
Created for a band in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, The Carpet Frogs, for a CD released in December, 2003. Click to view the inside cover (lyrics and Thank You's), the CD tray liner, and the CD label.
table top card for The Carpet Frogs
Table Top Card for The Carpet Frogs/Canadian Music Week Awards Dinner
Designed to be printed on heavy stock, and folded in half, to sit on tables at the Canadian Music Week Awards Dinner, where The Carpet Frogs were playing. The card highlights the band, tells where to purchase the CD, and how to hire the band.
Realtor postcard
Direct Mail Postcard for a Realtor
This postcard was designed for a realtor in Phoenix to send to prospective home buyers from out of state. Click here to see the back of the postcard. The white space is for the addressing area and due to postal regulations for their scanning equipment. Click here to see the back of a version that will be mailed inside of an envelope, so postal regulations did not need to be followed.
animated internet banner ads
Internet Banner Ads for Latex Bed Retailer
We created three different sizes of banner ads in Flash and converted them to animated .gif format. Click to view a horizontal ad, and a more vertical ad.