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In the world of the internet, the more other websites that carry a link to your website, the better ranking you receive in the search engines. For that reason, reciprocal links are often requested. So, without further ado, here are some links:

Argy's Collectibles
An eclectic ecommerce store in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

BelSam Patio Door
Patio door repair service in the greater metropolitan Phoenix area by an off-duty firefighter.

Blue Host Web Hosting
Highly recommended for the price, professionalism, and service in general. I've used, and recommended, Blue Host since 2007, and have seldom had problems. Blue Host is not just robust web hosting for low monthly fees, they are located in Utah, and have their own server farm and their support is all located here in the U.S., and not in a 3rd world country. I tell my clients if they already contracted with GoDaddy for webhosting, my web design rates will go up because of the extra work that GoDaddy causes for every task, which doesn't happen with Blue Host. Don't get sucked in and pay more per month than you need to, with other web hosting companies.

Hair Flow Salon
An upscale hair salon, without upscale prices, in Gilbert, Arizona.

Health Restoration International, Ltd.
A non-profit foundation founded by Marilyn Murray, which sponsors training programs for "The Murray Method", for the treatment of trauma, abuse and deprivation and their correlations with addictions.

Peter James Kashur Gallery
A website for a talented painter in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Quality Carpet Cleaning
Serving the greater Chicagoland area, but their website contains a lot of helpful hints for everyone.

Sun Valley Patio Door Service
Specializing in sliding glass patio door repairs in the greater Phoenix metropolitan area since 1987.

The Screen Specialists
Screens, sunscreens, security doors and gates, windows, awnings, window guards, ornamental iron products, and more. Serving the Phoenix, Arizona area.

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